Monday, November 12, 2007

Roma Bakery, Grocery and Deli

Roma Bakery is a specialty grocery and bakery, located a little bit north of Oldsmobile Park on North Cedar. Anything you might want in a mediterranean cuisine, they have. Oils, vinegars, a whole wall of bulk spices. Dozens of varieties each of special ingredients like capers. Their deli case has Italian cured meats and cheeses. They even provide frozen dough in the dairy case for when you want to make your own pizzas at home.

But they are also a deli, and their sandwiches are small but hearty and, well, just really good. The subs are made with REAL BREAD -- crusty sub rolls they make themselves. I really like their #2 sandwich: prosciutto, lettuce, tomato and olive oil, but the prosciutto is pretty salty and I'm often burping it up for the rest of the day. So I usually opt for a #13 Lugnut Special(pictured above): ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato and mayo. But they have a great variety of other fillings, from Italian favorites like cappicola, pepperoni and salami, to plain old ham and swiss.

You can also get a small selection of salads and pastas by the pound, or slices of pizza or Greek spinach pie.

Their bread is good Italian stuff. Unlike many of the yuppie bakeries in town, this bread has crust! And unlike Paneras, it also has substance. While I do like Zingerman's bread a little better, Zingerman's has to be trucked in and is expensive.

Their pastry case is filled with sweet treats of every kind imaginable, from biscotti to strawberry tarts. (It's hard to escape that counter, and you have to approach it to get the bread.) They also do cakes and cornucopias for banquets and weddings. In March, they are famous for their Paczki (Polish jelly donut/pastries traditionally eaten for Mardi Gras).

Roma Bakery. 428 North Cedar Street. 517-485-9466. Their website is mainly geared toward catering and wedding cake customers.

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