Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Drive-bys - August 29, 2006

*Lazeez isn't open yet, but they now have up a giant sign with a neon message "Open 24 hours". Hmmm. That sounds great for those times when you're coming home late from work.

*Lou and Harry's had a sign that they were opening up a new location on Coolidge, but that sign is now gone. Perhaps they backed out? Or perhaps, like Lazeez, they are just taking longer to get started than they expected.

*PET PEEVE: It's pronounced broos-KET-ta. Bruschetta, that lovely Italian toast that you can put all kinds of toppings on (or just rub with garlic and dip in a little olive oil), is not pronounced "bru-shet-ta." It's pronounced "broos-KET-ta". Repeat after me: Broos-KET-ta. In Italian, an "h" makes a "c" into a hard "k" sound. (The fast food industry has a lot to answer for!)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lou and Harry's Greek Grill

Lou and Harry's Greek Grill in East Lansing, has the best gyro in town. I don't know where they get their meat -- it comes in oval patties rather than on the classic big shwarma roll you see in a lot of gyro places. However, it is perfectly spiced, and they sear the patties on the grill to crisp, carmelized perfection. Their pita is the thicker Greek-style, which they also heat on the grill.

I'm not a fan of their seasoned fries -- but I'm not a fan of coated or seasoned fries in the first place -- so if I get a combo, I like to get their Greek salad. They have a nice, sharp dressing that isn't shy, but is also not too vinegary. And the salad itself has a nice balance of feta cheese, peppers, onions and olive, as well as the lettuce, tomato and cuke.

There are a lot other popular items on the menu, from chicken sandwiches and burgers to fancier salads and a great selection of Greek deli foods like moussaka or Greek spaghetti. They have specials Monday through Thursday, combos of burgers, chicken sandwiches and the original gyro. I don't recall offhand which days for which special, but gyros are Wednesdays.

L & H Five Star Deli on Ann Street (next to El Azteco) is also owned by Lou and Harry's and serves excellent sandwiches. For a long time, they didn't have a grill, so their gyros weren't as good (they put them through a broiler instead --and it just didn't reach that crispy, seered texture), but I notice they are offering burgers there, so I assume their gyros are now cooked on a grill, and up to the quality of the original location.

The original Lou and Harry's is at at 1139 East Grand River, East Lansing. Phone: (517) 351-0066
The Five Star Deli is at 245 Ann St, East Lansing. Phone: (517) 351-5566