Friday, May 18, 2007


2602 N. Grand River Ave. (corner of MLK). 517-886-2012

It's hard to be a BBQ afficiando in Michigan, but this time of year you'll see smokers start turning up on street corners. There are a few little places with regular shops. (Like Vernadines up in north Lansing where Lamai's old place was.) I came across Mr. BBQ by accident, and I was was almost lunchtime! (So often I've just eaten somewhere else when I discover these places....)

The sauce here is the sweet and tangy, but thin so that it doesn't gloop onto the meat and overwhealm the flavor. Good with both pork and chicken. They have hot sauce (vinegary and hot) on the side, and this is excellent to set off the flavors. I like to dip pieces in it as I eat it, or you can just pour it over the top.

The side dishes vary. The day I was there, they offered fries, mac and cheese and greens. I had the greens, which were yummy but too salty. (Probably from cooking with smoked ham or bacon.) The owners were still getting organized at the time, so I got offered bread by one person, and a corn muffin by another. (I took the corn muffin -- yum.) A plain slice of bread is traditional with bbq, so I assume this comes with the meal, but the corn muffin is not listed as a choice on the menu. You might have to ask if you want one.

They have a $5 lunch special -- smaller portions than their main dishes (but plenty), with one side and pop. The dinners come with two sides and range from $12 for a BBQ Rib meal to $8 for BBQ Chicken meal.

They offer Ribs, Rib Tips, BBQ Chicken, Fried Chicken, Fried Catfish or Perch, and BBQ Polish Sausage. Most of thse are also offered as a sandwich -- along with a BBQ meatball sub. (They also have hot dogs.)

Their menu says that call-in orders are welcome and that they will deliver to businesses with a minimum $25 order.

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