Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lamai Birday is TODAY!

I missed that it was Lamai's birthday!

She has her usual Thai Sukiyaki feast. This "cook it yourself" dish is tasty and spicy (although not for everyone's tastes, so go easy at first.) I just had a little shrimp and scallops version for take out lunch. She also has cake and her lovely garlic and carmelized ribs. Here's a post on Lamai's other dishes, which are also available today.

In other news, I see the little place a few blocks down where Tacqueria Del Rey (and many other restaurants) used to be seems to be setting up to be a little grocery store. If the rumor is correct it will probably be a middle eastern place, but we'll have to see if it will have a bakery or deli associated. (They just put an ice machine outside, so it will probably be a decent convenience store for the neighborhood too.)


Rohan said...

Just went to Lamai's for the first time, thanks to your blog. You're right about the food being amazing.

Not only am I full, I now feel universal love and compassion towards all people. Must be something in the Sukiyaki sauce.

Erich said...

thanks, I made it!!! Awesome.

The Eastside Food Geek said...

Glad you guys made it. I ended up eating lunch AND dinner there. (I stopped in to pick up some take out for work, and saw the sign, so I had to go back late after work.)

The suki sauce is hotter than I remembered it, but boy is it addictive. I still have this nice glow of heat in me.