Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Bad Economy Has Gone Too Far

I'm getting used to trying to make do with less. I'm getting used to the products we buy costing more, or having less in the package.

But today I decided to have S'mores. I expected the candy bar to be smaller (it wasn't). The marshmallows are just as usual....

But the brand name graham crackers are now smaller than the candy bar in all dimensions! (Yeah, yeah, I know, the candy bar always used to be a little long, but you could fix that with a quick nibble.)

The flavor and texture balance is all wrong! This is an outrage! (You'd think Hershey and Nabisco could get together and deal with the downsizing of America with some proper coordination. Heh! No respect at all for the gourmets of this universe!)

I'm now going to have to get out my cleaver and start hacking at candy bars to get it to come out right.

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