Saturday, May 10, 2008

Drive-bys, May 10, 2008

Two drive-bys and an update:

*There's a new deli that has moved into the old Mr. Taco building on Clippert, just west of Frandor. (This is a building which is back to back with the Wendy's on Homer.) They have "Corned Beef" written in large letters on the windows. Hmmm. It's also convenient to swing by before work. I'll likely give it a try next week.

*On Michigan Avenue, just east of the ball park -- in the block next to Claras, that has both the city shelter and several nightblubs, there's a little corner restaurant that has a lot of turnover -- there was a Caribbean place, Turkeyman, and Ballpark Franks. Now it has a sign that says "Authentic Mexican Food."

As for an update: I have pictures. Watch for reviews of Bangkok House and Hobies.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for mentioning the deli, called Amici's New York Deli.

YUM YUM YUM YUM!! Found it Tuesday and have eaten lunch there twice this week

Anonymous said...

I think that Deli is owned by the same folks who own Jersey Giant

Laura Chin said...

Have you gone? I drove by and noticed the trademark giant jar of pickles on the counter.

The East Side Food Geek said...

Yes! I tried it, and I hope to do at least a tiny review tonight. (No Pictures.) In short: Real Pastrami!