Monday, January 21, 2008

Drive-by, January 21, 2008

It's much too cold to go anywhere (and certainly too cold to take my camera). So I'm just going to pass on a tip and mention the leftovers I'm eating....

*Got an email tip on a new restaurant in south Lansing which opened this weekend: "Alicia's Authentiic Mexican Deli (Dine in or Carry Out) 6424 W. St Joseph Hwy., Lansing, MI 48917. 517-323-6430. Opening Day!! Friday January 18, 2008." I know nothing about them, but if anybody gives them a try, drop us a comment.

*A friend made an excellent corned beef and cabbage. I'm going to make pirogies from the leftovers. Corned beef with potato and a little cabbage for the filling. I'm going for the easy version of the wrapper: goyoza wrappers from Oriental Mart. Moisten them and slap two together, and they really make a great thicker wrapper. I will steam them then pan fry in butter. You can also boil them. Serve with apple sauce, sour cream, or as I am doing, Labana.


Rob said...

Thanks for the heads up on Alicia's. Stopped by on Wednesday and got take out--wet burritos, salsa, chips, and pico de gallo.

The interior is nothing special, but the burrito was quite tasty and very ample in size. Chips were good, as was the salsa, but the pico needed something to brighten it up (acid, like lemon or lime juice)

Otherwise, great prices, good portions, and a sincere and kind owner

The East Side Food Geek said...

Oh, great! As for the pico... sometimes you can just ask for a lime wedge. A good Mexican place will often have them, even if they don't mention it on the menu.

Chef Jen said...

I visited last week and while searching for the address online ran across your blog. The food was good, sizes were large. Owner was extremely kind. Will definitely go back.