Sunday, December 02, 2007

Send me menus!

You can learn a lot from a take out menu. Anything from the overall style of a restaurant to their hours and prices. Not to mention the name of that dish you had that you can't remember once you get home.

I'm asking readers (and restauranteurs) to send me take out menus from around the Lansing area. I'm not promising any reviews of particular restaurants, but if you include a note mentioning a favorite dish at the restaurant, I will include a line in a "reader recommendations" post once in a while. (Something like "G.K. says the salsa at El Whatever is out of this world. M.P. recommends the tortellini at Great Pasta Place, but only with the cheese sauce." If you want your actual name, or a screen name, included, say so in the note. I will also create a link to your blog or site, if you like.) And, of course, having a menu in hand will definitely encourage me try a new place, or to write up that review of a place I have already been to.

Also, for my personal interest, I'm learning to read Chinese. In particular, I'm learning to read Chinese menus. I sure would like to collect more menus with the dishes written in Chinese and English. (Or just in Chinese, even.)

So to reiterate, I'm looking for:
  1. Takeout menus from the Lansing, Michigan area.
  2. Menus from anywhere written in Chinese (preferably both English and Chinese.)

Send these to: Lansing Food News, P.O. Box 6362, East Lansing, MI 48826.

Thanks a bunch!

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