Friday, October 26, 2007

Los Tres Amigos Taqueria

Okay, this is really good. A wide range of very authentic flavors. The menu is very different than their main place out by Lansing Mall, which has more familiar dishes. (The East Side is now officaly swimming in great Mexican food.)

The core of the menu here are the tacos, burritos and tortas (sandwiches) with a variety of fillings. But they also have various authentic soups, and antojitos (literally "little cravings" -- taquitos, enchiladas tostadas, etc.) and Mariscos, which are seafood dinners -- mainly choices of tilapia and shrimp.

We had Tacos for our first visit. And our second. My favorite is the al Pastor, which has spicey barbequed pork with onions and cilantro, athough I sure liked the Carnitas, which is another variety of pulled pork with pico de gallo. (Both pictured above.) And then there is the fish taco (Tacos de Pescado) which is a fried whitefish filet, broken up and served with cabbage, pico and a drizzle of a creamy dressing that's like a Mexican tartar sauce. (Fish taco pictured below.)

The tacos themselves are small -- tiny corn tortillas served double for each taco or a regular sized flour tortilla -- but they are stuffed full and worth the $2 price. They have fine chips, and a good mild salsa (hot sauce both on the table and at a little dressings bar by the cash register), and good guacamole.

(Note: since this time, we've tried a few more flavors. The chicken tacos come in two varieties, grilled or shredded. The grilled is served with pico de gallo, and is very flavorful, and will probably become my regular request, along with the Pastor, but the shredded -- which were served with lettuce and cheese, gringo style, had a surprising hit of black pepper, and a great salty Mexican cheese. My friend reports that the shrimp tacos were really good and will probably become her regular order.)

They also serve juices from big glass barrels of ice and sugar. The pineapple is a little too sweet, but the Tamarindo is just about perfect.

They are located just north of Frandor, on North Clippert, in the same shopping strip as Baskin Robbins and Medawar Jewelers.

Los Tres Amigos Taqueria, 730 North Clippert St, Lansing, 48912. 324-9600.
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Puck said...

I noticed you mentioned Spartan Gyros in a previous post. Just wanted to let you know that it's open and that you should review it.

The East Side Food Geek said...

I certainly will when I get the chance! (BTW, if anyone here has a food blog of their own, you are free to post a link in a comment. I'll delete anything I think is abusive, but otherwise, the more info on food in Lansing, the better!)

Imelda said...

have you tried cancun? i'm curious to know what you think of it. i'm a los angeles native and no stranger to mexican food. los tres amigos is now on my to-do list!

The East Side Food Geek said...

No, I haven't. I don't get out to Okemos as much as I'd like. I'd really like to hear what an Angelino think of any of the Mexican food in town. (I'm Michigan born and bred.)

Erich Zechar said...

Just tried it out and it was great. I was happy to find they had Horchatas, which I love. The Tortas was the wrong thing to order, though. Next time it's Tacos for me.

I review things on, under "James C."

The East Side Food Geek said...

Horchata is the drink with rice milk and spices, right? I think a friend had it and loved it, but I wasn't sure if that was what she was talking about, so I didn't mention it.

Good to know about the tortas. (And I'll check out your reviews on Yelp.)

Erich Zechar said...

Yep, horchata is sweet and smooth, and goes great with a spicy dish. I'll try the tamarindo next time though.