Thursday, August 02, 2007

Drive-bys, August 2, 2007

Coming soon to the East Lansing Strip: Johnny's Hots -- a retro-diner type place -- is moving into the "kiss of death" location at the corner of Abbott and Grand River where nothing has succeeded in decades. Good luck! The gyro place moving into East Lansing's old Taco Bell is now called Spartan Gyros (is this a sign they're finally opening soon?). And Fiesta Charra Mexican Restaurant is moving into Ria's old location next to Oriental Mart.

The Banyan Tree - the Thai restaurant that moved into 1001 Mt. Hope (right next to Korner Kitchen) - is now open. I haven't had the chance to try more than some take out Pad Woon Sen, but it was good. A little Americanized and mild, but I think that's probably because they are afraid Americans can't take the heat of Thai food. (So be sure to say "hot", not "medium" if you like it at all spicey.) (ADDENDUM: we stopped by again last night, and they have the heat levels straightened out. With the green curry, anyway, "mild" was nicely zippy. Some noodle dishes aren't automatically hot at all unless you ask. Their scale is mild, medium, hot and "Thai hot.")

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