Saturday, May 27, 2006

Drive bys - May 27, 2006

I've been off line for a while, due to the loss of a beloved pet, but I'm hoping to catch up with the blog posting soon. Here are a couple of drive-bys to get started:

*House of Kabobs is gone. I'm very sorry to see it go, but I'm not that surprized. Their wraps, which seemed to be the bulk of their business, were inconsistant. I think they really needed a more upscale location and atmosphere, since their best foods were their more expensive "sit down" dishes.

*The good news for those of us in Lansings East Side, is that Mexico To Go is moving into Kabob's space at 1825 East Michigan Avenue. They are much more suited to the "grab a lunch to go" crowd. Plus we've needed a Mexican place on Michigan Ave since Lopez Bakery shut down.

*I see a new restaurant in the 500 block of E. Grand River in East Lansing. Chipotles ("burrito bliss") is a chain restaurant, and here's a review I found on the net (they conclude that it's good but still a chain). They are either next to Flat's Grille, or they replaced Flats, which would make me sad.

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Anonymous said...

It is in the next building over; between Jersey Giant and Nogginz, where the shoe store used to be. I hear suprisingly positive things about it (fresh ingredients, etc), given that it's a McD's owned chain.