Sunday, March 19, 2006

Drive-bys - March 19, 2006

*El Azteco West has a sign out that says they have karaoke on fridays at 7pm. (Hmmm. Guess there is somewhere I will NOT be on Fridays....)

*Michelangelo's Deli in Okemos is gone. (I kept meaning to try them: they were supposed to have great corned beef! I can only hope they moved someplace else....) There's a new place in their spot, but the sign is unreadable from the street. I nearly caused an accident trying. Note to new restauranteurs: make your signs simple and legible at a quick glance. If people can't read your sign, they won't know you are there.

*From the Zingerman's Country Baguette bag; "Warning! Baguettes and horseplay aren't allowed - seriously, someone could poke an eye out, so be careful where you point your bread, okay?"

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