Monday, August 29, 2011

Site upgraded! Pardon Our Dust!

As you may notice, I don't update this blog much any more. I hope that will change soon. (I am still busy, but the food scene has evolved a lot in Lansing, and so there is a lot of new reviews and information to add.)

Because you lose all of your special formatting when you upgrade, the site is currently generic -- but it is MUCH easier to browse and find what you're looking for, so I think it's worth it.

For newbies: my emphasis here is on little locally owned restaurants and food stores -- authentic ethnic places, especially Asian food. I don't review chains, though I might mention them once in a while in a post about something else. (For instance, if I did a post about french fries, I might mention my likes and dislikes at the fast food joints.)

More to come....

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Daisy said...

I just got coupons for Lamai's and it brought me to your blog. Thanks for all the reviews on the Asian restaurants in town! Although it's in Okemos, I really think you ought to try Thai Princess.